2023: Nigerians Must Reject Political Leaders Who Cheated Them And Hope To Continue Cheating — Sowore

Human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, has urged Nigerians to reject the current crop of political leaders who have led the country into ruins.
Sowore, while speaking at the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria Political Round Table 2022, on Thursday called on Nigerians to be more intentional with those they elect to be their leaders come 2023.

Omoyele Sowore
Drawing an analogy of the Nigerian situation, Sowore made reference to the story of a kidnapper, Sadu Ardo Bunkawu, who rejected a share of N200,000 out of a ransom of N12million collected by his gang of criminals.
Bunkawu, who described it as a “high level of injustice”, reported the matter to the police for justice to be done.
In his analogy, Sowore noted that the current crop of politicians are like Bunkawu, as they come to report themselves to the citizens at every election period after which they try to elicit pity by seeking votes from the electorate whom they have cheated over the years.
He called on Nigerians to cast their votes for competent people like him who can bring about revolution to the political sphere in the country.
Meanwhile, he took a swipe at the Labour Movement which he described as an ‘orphanage of politicians’ who couldn’t find their footing any longer in the regular political parties.
He said, “The Labour movement has become the orphanage of politicians who have lost out of their regular places and that is the biggest problem of the labour movement, that you accept all kinds of characters when they lose out where they naturally belong and that is why you’re probably here today.
“I read in the newspaper that some kidnappers kidnapped someone, they got N12million as ransom from the victim; it was when they were sharing the money, the leader of the gang cheated the others, he gave the guys who took risk N200,000; they went to the police station to report the leader that he cheated them, that tells you where Nigeria is today.
“As I’m talking to you now, the police is investigating the issue without arresting the criminals, that is where Nigeria is, the leaders have kidnapped our people, their aspirations for the future and ability to survive and then they come back to the people to report themselves, saying, ‘see we have cheated you so much but among those of us who cheated you, some have also cheated us, please vote for those of us who are cheated’.
“Let’s stop fooling ourselves, you have competent people to rule this country, two weeks ago, I declared as a candidate for the 2023 presidency because I can do the job better than all these jokers who are moving around and there is no need to go out of this hall looking for people who are urinating on themselves, there is no need to leave this hall and vote for people who are articulating after ruining your Universities and created their private university, there is no need for that when you have competent people here.”

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