Adamawa School Where Teachers Send Pupils Home On Wednesdays To Frolic, Drink Local Alcoholic Beverage

Teachers in a school in Adamawa State have cancelled one work-day out of their weekly schedule to attend to social drinking within the school compound.
SaharaReporters learnt that teachers in Dabo Primary School in the Toungo Local Government Area, are in a habit of abandoning class lessons every Wednesday.

Instead, they drink in the school compound home-brewed alcoholic beverage, popularly called ‘burukutu’ in common parlance.
As gathered, every Wednesday, being a weekly market day in the village, pupils stay away from school as ordered by the headteacher.
This was disclosed on Thursday by the chairman of the State’s Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Salihi Ateequ.
Ateequ noted with dismay, that he personally visited the school and confirmed the ugly development.
He said, “I went to a village in Toungo to supervise learning and to see what was happening there. I reached the school on a Wednesday during school hours; I met the teachers including the headmaster seated and drinking ‘burukutu’ (locally brewed liquor).
“I asked them what is happening, you’re drinking ‘burukutu’ all day and where are the pupils?
“They replied that the pupils were sent home because of the market day. I demanded to know where they got the idea of sending pupils away on market days.”
Similarly, Ateequ spoke of another experience, how an English teacher could not explain what a verb is at another primary school in Michika.
“She was teaching verbs when I arrived; a verb is just one part of speech taught to primary school children.
“And she was giving an example, I intercepted and began to teach. I asked the pupils what is this and what is that. The pupils could not give me a correct answer, so I asked the teacher so that they could learn from her answer.
“To my surprise, the teacher herself did not know. In order not to embarrass her, I called her out and told her ‘Please, don’t be a disgrace to the teaching profession’.
“It means so many teachers are there teaching nonsense to the pupils, and if you teach them nonsense they come out with nonsense,” he said.

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