Any Election Organised By Sick, Tired People In Nigerian Government Is Waste Of Time – Sowore

Human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, has said any election conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission under its current composition is a waste of time. 
Sowore stated this during a recent interview shared on his Facebook page on Sunday. 
The author, Omoyele Sowore
According to him, the country needs to go through some fundamental changes particularly as regards leadership before the electoral body can conduct a meaningful election. 
He stated that an election in which the “same old, tired and sick people” organise and participate is not going to produce any result that will take the country to the desired level.
Sowore said, “There is no way Nigeria can attain its position amongst the comity of nations without a revolution and this revolution includes cleaning the… We have to get rid of the policies, persons and ideas that have put Nigeria in the mess we’re in. 
“Anything short of that, you’re wasting your time, an election in which INEC, as presently composed, will organise is a waste of time, without the fundamental changes we need in our country. 
“An election in which the same old, tired and sick people organise and participate in, is not going to produce any result that will take us to that level or space that we’ve been aspiring and it will include a lot of sacrifices, a lot of people dropping their electronic devices once in a while and taking on the system, challenging the system and telling truth to power. 
“That, if you’re in doubt, happened during #EndSARS. As I like to say, the young people of Nigeria tasted blood during #EndSARS and there is no going back but #EndSARS cannot exactly produce the result we are looking for, we are just using that as an example. 
“It’s going to be an action carried out by few or plenty coconut heads and these people must be radically departing from where we are now. 
“Each time I hear about Nigeria still in the condition that it is where people are still talking about Atiku, Bola Tinubu, the cowardly VP, Osinbajo I just feel like we’re not ready yet but I know everybody cannot all be ready at the same time. 
“This is the reason why we urge people to enter this race at different levels of consciousness and courage. For one will be wrong not to participate in this revolution that we’ve been calling for since 2019.
“I am glad that more young people have come to realise that reforms cannot take Nigeria in the direction of hope and progress which is what some were thinking when we started revolution now in 2019. 
“We’ve waited for six years now and it looks like no one is left, it’s either you’ve been detained, kidnapped, a member of your family beheaded, the government has shown its disregard for fundamental rights, its lack of respect for our dignity as a people. 
“Most importantly, their disregard for any molecule of democratic practice in the country. We cannot attain that height by rolling with the same people who have put us down. 
“Buhari says he has 17 months to go but if you watched him on Channels TV last week, he already told you he’s tired, that he can barely work for 6 hours a day. Buhari must go, we know he’s got nothing more to offer, he never really had anything to offer anyway. A lot of people thought we’re pushing it too far, too fast.”

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