As Nigerians Languish In Ukraine, India Welcomes Citizens Home, Says Government In Talks With Russia, Ukraine To Bring Everyone Back Safely

The Indian government has airlifted its citizens from war-ravaged Ukraine, with government officials assuring the people onboard that all Indians would be evacuated from the troubled country.
This is in stark contrast with the situation in the largest black country – Nigeria – where citizens are reported to be freezing on the cold Ukrainian borders after being denied entry into neighbouring Poland.

A video seen by SaharaReporters on Sunday captures the moment where a top Indian government official addressed the airlifted citizens in an aircraft, assuring them that no Indian would be left behind in the Ukrainian crisis.
“I welcome back everyone….very happy to have all of you back safe and sound. On behalf of the Prime Minister, I welcome you all back. I know you all have gone through difficult and trying times. The government of India is with you every step and the Prime Minister is with you every step.
“Please pass this message to all your friends and colleagues that we are with them and we will guarantee their safe passage back. We are in touch with the Ukrainian government and the conversation is on to ensure that everyone is brought back safely. We are also in talk with the Russian government,” he said.
SaharaReporters earlier today reported the harrowing ordeal of Nigerians trapped in the Ukrainian crisis who were desperately trying to cross to other countries but were being turned back by officials.
SaharaReporters was told on Sunday that people could not move out and Nigerians were already freezing at the borders.
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“They are not allowing us to leave the Ukrainian border. They are only evacuating their people to Slovakia. We are stuck in Uzhgorod just before we enter Slovak. Can’t type much; we will walk into Slovak; the Ukrainian soldiers should just let us leave,” a Nigerian had lamented.
“They are not doing any paperwork here. They are taking most of their people. Out of like 200 people, we are the only blacks,” another Nigerian victim said.
“They said we are Russians. This is really getting out of hand. We almost got burnt yesterday, on our way from Lviv to Uzhgorod. It was a policeman that saved the situation,” one of them had also said.
“We are not allowed into Slovakia. We can get a flight home from Slovakia. Most of our phones are dead. The current situation is that you are denied entry into Slovakia. Someone who managed to enter Slovakia in the middle of the night said no one from Nigeria had reached out to them,” another Nigerian lamented.
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“We are denied exit from Ukraine. At Uzhgorod city (border between Ukraine and Slovakia),” another stranded Nigerian said.

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