Bad Governance: Most Nigerians Want Secession, Says Former Anambra Governor Ezeife

A former governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has said that most Nigerians want secession due to the level of nepotism by the Muhammadu Buhari Muhammadu administration.

Ezeife told SaharaReporters that ethnic groups planning to have their own independent countries should not be blamed as things are not going on well in the country.

The former governor was reacting to a comment by the president-general of the Yoruba World Congress, Prof. Banji Akintoye, who said the Yoruba ethnic group is in dire need of its own country.

Ezeife said, “With the way we are going in Nigeria, you cannot blame any ethnic group wanting to opt-out. But I still believe Nigeria may survive as a country. God does not make mistakes through the instrumentality of the British colonialism to create Nigeria. Nigeria has diverse ethnic nationalities, many minerals, talents and people, so the country is designed to bring up the respect and dignity of the Black race.

“You know that size matters in countries, and Nigeria has this. Look at Rwanda and Ghana, they may be doing fine, but they are tiny. Nigeria has the size to represent the voice of the Black. For instance, Sweden has a higher per capita income than the United States, but the size of the United States contributes to its supremacy in world politics and affairs. So, Nigeria as a big country, I think we have the chance to be together. With restructuring, Nigeria is better together as one.

“With the high state of nepotism in the country, I think the majority of the people want to go. But, the question is, is it all Yoruba that wants to go? Is it all Igbo that wants to go? If the Fulani can accept democracy as a system of government for a collective national interest, we will be fine. Look at what happened recently, the Middle Belt and Southern leaders criticised the federal government for violating the federal character by appointing Northerners to occupy eight highest positions in Customs.”

On how the agitations would affect Nigeria come 2023, the former governor said, “ I don’t know. You cannot give a timetable to God. There are projections from the Western world that Nigeria is at the brink of extinction, and the fact that we are a terrorised country is impending doom. 

“All these indicators may work against Nigeria. But, I think Nigeria is the hope of the Black, and it’s a generic shame for all the Black that Nigeria is taking giant steps backwards.”

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