Benue State Needs Their Own Igboho To Resist Killer Herders, Reno Omokri Says

A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has asked indigenes of Benue State to unite and raise a leader like Sunday Igboho that can confront killer Fulani assaults in their territories.

Omokri said this on his verified Facebook page on Friday in reaction to #BenueUnderAttack trending on social media due to the fresh killing of 36 Christian Tiv people murdered on Thursday at Mbagena Kpav community of Katsina Ala in the state.

Benue has been mostly targeted by murderous Fulani herdsmen in recent times.

The same fate had befallen South-West mostly Ogun and Oyo, until Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho took up the fight and asked Fulani herders to vacate Yorubaland in February.

Igboho’s activism has been largely supported by many youths and some stakeholders in the South-West which seems to have reduced assaults by Fulani gunmen on their hosts.

Omokri, who was a former Special Assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, however, believed Benue, also known as the Food Basket of the Nation, needs a replica of Igboho to resist the criminals tormenting them.

“Except Benue gets their own Sunday Igboho, these almost daily attacks that have characterised #BenueUnderAttack will continue to happen. 

“If Benue people clash with cows, General (Muhammadu) Buhari will ALWAYS side with cows. Benue needs an Igboho that will side with them. In Benue, we read about people who fight at universities and who fight their brothers. Can these people not channel their energies into protecting their communities? 

“Look at Igboho. He is not huge or hefty. Yet, when they hear his name, they shiver like Shenzi shivers when the name Mufasa is mentioned!” Omokri said.

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