Demurin, who was admitted to the hospital after he sustained injuries on his chest, said he was operated upon and discharged but was not allowed to go home as his family still owed N265,000 out of the initial N540,000 hospital bill.

The family of one Chinwe Okoledo, a deceased staff of the National Orthopedic Hospital in Enugu State, has accused the Co-operative Society of the hospital of fraud over its refusal to release to the family the landed property Chinwe paid for when she was alive.
The Okoledos also accused the cooperative society of extortion and frustrating all efforts made to recover the said property.

The family revealed this in a Save-our-Soul call to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, through their lawyer, Ike Obeta.
Chinwe, who died in 2014, was a senior staff dietician at the hospital and had bought two plots of land in a scheme set up by the National Orthopedic hospital co-operative society Enugu in 2011.
After her death in 2014, the family said it obtained clearance for her pensions, gratuities but encountered a delay in getting clearance for the landed property.
However, after some pressure by the family lawyer, some documents were given to the family and representatives were taken to the site of the two plots of land belonging Chinwe bought at Amorji Nike close to Caritas University.
On subsequent visits, the family members were, however, not allowed access after which they learnt that the allocation of the land had been revoked and given to someone else.
In a bid to reacquire the land, an extra N230,000 was paid to Philip Ugwuona, the current president of the cooperative society upon his request. According to the family, since the payment had been made, Ugwuona had refused to pick his calls while threatening the family.
In the letter, the family said, “She bought and paid for two plots of land under the Co-operative society that acquired the estate for members who can afford it, the land was bought from the cooperative society between 2011.
“At her death in 2014, we proceeded to get clearance for her pensions, gratuities and the landed property. We got all the clearance but had delays in getting the landed documents. Eventually, when we pressured them with our family lawyer, they brought some documents and handed them over. They took us to the site and showed us the two plots of land belonging to our late daughter at Amorji Nike close to Caritas University.
“In September 2020, we went to the site only to be chased out by persons who said they are representing the national Orthopedic co-operative society Enugu. Then we inquired and got the current president Mr Philip Ugwuona who confirmed to us that the former allocation had been revoked and new allocation from the new leadership is ongoing.
“Then we presented our case to him that because our sister was late; we didn’t know about the revocation which Mr Philip Ugwuona acknowledged that he knew about our late sister’s land ownership and  that if we were serious, we should pay N230,000 for the new allocation.
“We informed him that we had made several other payments in 2014 when we got the initial documents, that it would amount to double charges if he was asking us to pay another N230,000. Mr Philip Ugwuona then told us that this was the only condition we could have back the two plots of land that belonged to our late sister.
“At that point, we had to pay the N230,000 within the 24 hours he instructed us to. He confirmed the payment and told us to wait until they fully processed the new documents. We waited till March 2021 when they started giving others the new documents. We called for our own but he said that we should wait and since March, he has not been taking our calls.
“Mr Philip Ugwuona and his partner secretary, Mr Uchenna Odoh of the cooperative society were boasting that any court we like we should take them to, that they have all the connections to frustrate the case.”


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