Did You Buy Super Tucano Jets For Terrorists Or Biafran Agitators? – Methodist Prelate, Uche Queries Buhari Government Over Alarming Insecurity

The Methodist Prelate, His Eminence Dr. Samuel Uche, has urged the Nigerian government to address the alarming spate of insecurity and terrorists’ attacks in the country, wondering why the Muhammadu Buahari spent a huge amount of money to procure the United States’ Super Tucano fighter jets.
The cleric said this in a press conference on Tuesday in Umuahia on the sidelines of his pastoral visit to Umuahia Methodist Diocese, while accusing the Federal Government of treating bandits and terrorists ravaging the country with kid’s gloves but using a sledge hammer on unarmed Biafran agitators.

He criticised the worsening insecurity in the country perpetrated by bandits and the government’s laxity in dealing with them.
“Today, you can’t move freely again in the country. This morning (yesterday), bandits attacked soldiers in Abuja very close to the seat of power.
“The other time, they had the temerity to go to Kuje prison to release inmates. What type of government do we have? These people are toying with our security. Why not order soldiers to eliminate those criminals? Why do we have Tucano jets if we won’t use them against terrorists and bandits?
“Did they buy the Jets to see if they can kill all the Biafran agitators? Why are they after Biafrans? Hatred? Why not send the aircraft after the bandits and finish them?
“Why do they allow bandits to be operating? I saw a video in Katsina State where more than 400 bandits took over the road. They intercepted travellers and robbed them and took some inside the bush.
“Why is this happening in the home state of Mr. President? Is there any agenda? What is happening in Nigeria is no longer tolerable. We cannot keep quiet for them to continue.”
The Prelate who was kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen about three months ago but regained his freedom after a ransom of N100 million was paid, blamed the festering insecurity on wrong leadership.

He said that Nigeria could be fixed within six months if the leadership was willing, adding that contrary to the opinions of many, Nigeria is not yet a failed country.
“For me, I still see hope in Nigeria. What we have as a challenge in Nigeria is unserious leadership. If any leadership is serious, Nigeria can be fixed within six months.
“Even the people in power now can fix Nigeria if they remove their eyes from injustice and unnecessary dirty wealth. They should fix their eyes on justice, high morality, and integrity. Our situation is not irredeemable.”

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