Farmers Go Spiritual In Ondo Over Lack Of Rain, Warn Of Food Scarcity

Farmers in Ondo State on Wednesday said that the irregular rainfall in the state was posing serious threat to their activities and production of crops. 

The farmers stated that inadequate rainfall in the state had also disrupted the usual planting season in the state. 

They observed that the rain had stopped falling since May, causing difficulties for farmers. 

Some farmers, who spoke with SaharaReporters, said they were experiencing unfavourable weather conditions, which is not good for agriculture in the Southern part of the country. 

A farmer, Mr Oluwatosin Ibiyemi, told our correspondent that the lack of rain was a sign of impending famine and food hike that will worsen the state’s economy.

Ibiyemi revealed that farmers in the community have already taken to prayers and other spiritual aspects to change their fortunes.

Another farmer in Akoko, Mr Olawole Ogunmuyiwa, revealed that the development had also made many wells dry up, while crops suffered a similar fate due to lack of water to flourish.

He added that the situation had become worrisome as farmers were facing uncertainty in the repayment of loans obtained to plant this year, which had been destroyed by drought.

He said, “The fertiliser I applied to my maize plantation did not dissolve due to lack of rainfall and it is certain that this would negatively affect productivity.”

A farmer and cleric with a pentecostal church in Akure, Mr Babalola Ademosun, said they have been praying and seeking the face of God to send down rains.

Speaking with SaharaReporters, Adeola Adegoke, National President of Cocoa Association of Nigeria, said the inadequate rainfall was a national tragedy to farmers. 

Adegoke said there was a need for farmers to key into an irrigation system to save their crops. 

He said, “It is disheartening, our agriculture in the Southern part depends solely on rainfall to survive but sadly we can’t see the rains. 

“You would notice that reasonable dams are almost everywhere in the Northern part while there are only a few ones here in the South.

“So, the lack of rain already portends danger on our food security and cash production. 

“This is why government has to urgently come in and assist because agriculture is key. They can establish a modular irrigation system.”

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