Former Nigerian Senator, Shehu Sani Visits Islamic Police, Hisbah, Asks If Afro Haircut Violates Islam

Former Kaduna State Senator, Shehu Sani, on Monday visited the Kano State Hisbah Board and asked if he risked arrest for keeping afro haircut.
Operatives of the Islamic police are known for forcibly shaving off the hair of some youths in the state for being “unIslamic.”

They also make arrests for “improper dressing” and particularly tricycle riders for adorning their tricycle with pictures considered to be obscene.
Speaking with journalists on the official visit, Sani said he was at the board to demand explanations to some questions and equip himself with the activities of the board following encounter with several narratives attributed to them and paraded across the state.
“Many things have been said about Hisbah and I believe that as a former senator, as human and civil rights activist, I should practically visit their office and hear from them on what are their duties and responsibilities and also issues that are being attributed to them,” the former lawmaker said.
“I am happy to hear that they have not prohibited those who decided to keep afro like me because I am here to defend the right of people to keep their hair.
“Secondly, they have told me in practical terms that they are against the manufacture, distillation, disposal, consumption and possession of intoxicating alcohol in the state.
“They told me they have a dress code which if you violate, you face the law. The issue of mannequin that you cannot keep with the head. Films and movies. It is good to engage an institution like them. As a religious police, they have duty to unite and see how they can combat banditry and terrorism in Nigeria. Terrorists have been using the name of Islam in destroying the image of Islam and Muslims.
“The need for Hisbah to organise themselves and ideologically confront terrorists and bandits is very important. The need for them to intervene in mobilising people to stand against banditry and terrorism in the northern part of Nigeria.
“There’s also need for them to reach out to rural communities and educate our citizens on the need for them not to join bandits and terrorist is also very important. So, apart from enforcing religious law, there’s need for them to also at this hour to be very much present, active and agile in finding a lasting solution into the problems of Insecurity bedevilling our people.”

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