Group Set To Organise Music Concert In Abuja To Fight Oppression, Tyranny

The Freedom Concert, a musical concert against tyranny and oppression is scheduled to hold on Friday, December 24 at the S base Gardens in the Lokogoma area of Abuja.

This was announced by Dimeji Macaulay of the Freedom Concert organising committee.

According to the committee, music has always proven to be a weapon against tyranny. 

Macaulay added that the concert will bring together musical artists and activists such as saxophonist Samuel Gabriel, guitarist Seth Ogahi and several cultural troops in the city.

Also, special guests from the activist and art community will be invited for an interactive session.

He noted, “Whether is in the abolition of slavery, or to end colonialism, or ending apartheid and even as recently as powering the END SARS mass revolt coupled with other forms of global oppression, music has always been a weapon for fighting tyranny.                                     

“On Friday, December 24th of 2021, Abuja community will enter the enchanting world of music as “Freedom Concert” will be holding at the seat of oppressive power, the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

“The gathering will bring together musical artists and activists such Saxophonist Samuel Gabriel, Guitarist Seth Ogahi and several cultural troops in the city including Special Guests from the activist and art community for an interactive session occasioning a variety of music genre such as jazz, afrobeat, Ogene Dance group, Tiv Entertainment Group, Hausa music at S base Gardens in Lokogoma area of Abuja.                                      

“The show will take the audience on the path of awakened consciousness. The show, obviously, will always be around conscious music.

“It’s an indication of the time-tested power of music to profoundly confront oppression and tyranny and also as a means of expanding freedom of expression in a supposedly democratic country where the civil space has practically been shut down by individuals and groups opposed to fundamental freedoms.                                  

“During the concert, audience and community members will enjoy a physical experience of live music. It will explore the power of love, our politics and the mysteries of and the powerful sounds of modern and traditional music.                                        

”The freedom concert is here!”

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