How Angry Youths, Constituents Booed, Chased Away Senator From Wedding In Katsina—Eyewitness

Angry youths and constituents of Katsina North Central District humiliated the lawmaker representing them at the Senate, Ahmad Babba Kaita on Saturday.

Kaita, who graced the wedding ceremony of his friend’s daughter, Fatima at Mashi was booed and chased out of the Katsina Royal Palace, the venue of the event.

Ahmad Babba Kaita
The Senator was invited by his friend, Alhaji Mannir Ibrahim Talba, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, but met with disgrace as the irate youths he had disappointed in the zone humiliated him.

According to an eyewitness at the occasion, Abbas Abu Sukuntuni, who spoke with SaharaReporters on Monday, Kaita has committed many sins against his people who voted him into office.

While speaking, Sukuntumi said Kaita, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) did not cater for his party people. 


He alleged that the lawmaker does not also have a good relationship with members of his party, including the Governor of the state, Aminu Masari, and was not carrying youths along in his agenda.

“There are two or three problems to this thing. That’s how to understand the action of the people protesting against him. One, you know he’s a party man. He was elected under APC. His party sponsored him. He has not done anything for the party. He is not considering the party in any case, or in anything he is doing. That is one.

“Two, he doesn’t have any relationship or good rapport within the party. He doesn’t have a good relationship with the Governor and elders of the other zones. He’s feeling too big to mingle with the Governor or the elders. This is the second issue.

“The last one is that he’s not considering youths. He’s not carrying them along. He uses them and dumps them. And some people are thinking that the incident that happened on Saturday was sponsored. It was not pre-planned. He came there for the wedding of his friend’s daughter and he was booed, not only by youths but along with others there.

“It happened at Mashi local government area on Saturday around 2:00 pm. He was there for the wedding of a daughter of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Alhaji Mannir Ibrahim Talba. He‘s a friend of his. He was a former commissioner under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform. He was booed at the palace of Katsina’s ruler here in Mashi,” Sunkuntumi said.

Describing what happened before the disgraceful incident on Saturday, Sunkuntumi said Kaita, who had been a member of the House of Representatives since he was a member of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in 2011 also has an ambition to be the next governor of Katsina.

He said that is why he criticises the Masari-led administration. 

He went further to narrate how the Managing Director of the Federal Mortgage Bank, whom he described as his political godfather convinced Masari to support him to become a Senator.

“He has an ambition for governorship position and he neglected his zone. You have to respect people. You have to carry along those who voted you in. But, he has pride. He has a godfather, Ahmad Musa Dangiwa, the current managing director of the Federal Mortgage Bank. He supported him for the first time in 2011. He won another election under the PDP he represented in 2015 as well.

“The same godfather persuaded the current governor, Aminu Masari to support him against the will of people. And after that, he always criticises the governor. And they are not on good terms. They are always at loggerheads. He criticises his government on social media. In three to five months, this man cannot come to his constituency and walk freely. He can’t do that. So most of the time he comes in the middle of the night and goes early in the morning,” Sunkuntumi added.

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