How To Get Referrals


How to get Referrals to register On WesternExploit Income Program is what I will be showing you today.

These are ways people advertise on Social Media Groups to get Referrals and you too can do the same;

  1. Join lots of Facebook group.
  2. Advertise on the group and collect people WhatsApp number.
  3. Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group.
  4. Set your group to only Admin’s Comment so as to to avoid spam.
  5. Add at least over 150 people to your whatsapp group.
  6. And keep it up daily; Trust me you are going to be making over 80k monthly
  7. Tell them about the Platform and How It Works.
  8. Show them over 7-10 alert testimonies from our Social Media Handles.
  9. You need to be doing it consistently even when you see no result, just know that there’s a beautiful day ahead…
  10. Then start Registering them and you will be making cool and sweet cash daily…

Today I will be showing you how to get referrals on WesternExploit Income Program.

Please note that this write up on “How to get referrals on WesternExploit Income Program” will fetch you cool and legit referrals If you are a serious minded person.

So you should start making over 25k weekly on WesternExploit after this. Do well to share it as well with whoever you love to see succeed in WesternExploit.



Apart from Facebook and other social platforms, you can still head over to forums like Quora, NairaLand, WarriorForum, RedDit, Pinterest etc and Make your adverts because these site has a lot of users. So go and register with them FOR FREE and start driving audiences.

Also don’t forget to join Students facebook groups. you can find these out by just searching on facebook for any school.


On your WhatsApp status, Facebook & Instagram stories, groups and timeline… Tag your friends who You know will be interested in a business like this!

THEN, Post something like this-

Come Partner with a Nigeria News Website and get the privilege of being paid each time you share a post on your facebook or watch videos, view a post on the website, create a post and login to the website, play games(coming soon). You can start today with a one time registration fee of ₦1,500 and stand d chance to earn over 15k everyday. So, what are you waiting for? Ask me how!”.

After “Ask Me How”, Put your WhatsApp number. If someone picks interest by asking you “How?”

Give the person this brief info about WesternExploit Income Program.

Get to know how the system works by clicking here!