Kano Protesters Knock President Buhari Over Petrol Price Increase, Lack Of Jobs, Demand Resignation

RevolutionNow protesters in Kano have described President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies such especially the increase in the price of fuel and electricity tariff hike as wicked and lacking in compassion for the masses.

The protesters, who took to the streets of Kano bearing placards and chanting songs on Thursday, said the polices were further compounded by a general lack of opportunities available to the masses struggling to survive daily.

They called on Buhari to resign over his lack of ideas to run the country.

Speaking in Hausa, one of the protesters in a video obtained by SaharaReporters said, “We are carrying out this protest today because of the inconsideration for the masses that led to the increase in the pump price of petrol, lack of food, insecurity in the country, stealing, lies, lack of employment opportunities, the killing of people, idleness, we are tired of all these and do not want it anymore.

“The price of fuel that was increased is like beating the poor. We are buying foodstuffs at expensive prices, then there is VAT and also increase in taxes, police harassing innocent citizens, too much is wrong in Nigeria. Buhari must resign.

“How are we expected to cope, are we wizards? No, we are not. We are sons and daughters of the soil. When we work, we deserve wages, when the price of fuel is high and becomes a burden, it should be reduced.

“It is wickedness to increase the price of petrol. Nigeria produces fuel, Buhari was speaking today and he said the price has increased hence the fuel hike but he is not considering the poor man. He does not know that the poor man is toiling and that life is not sweet for the poor man.

“He does not know the challenges we face daily, we are suffering. Someone who earns N60,000 cannot afford to buy a bag of rice and keep at home because it is expensive, no food, our hospitals are in disrepair, our roads are bad, no airline wants to come to the North.

“It’s been four months since an airline last came to Kano, no food, no transport, people are suffering and without peace of mind. That is why we are here to say enough is enough.

“President Muhammadu Buhari should resign this is our request today.”

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