Nigeria @61: Activists Knock Buhari Government, Ask Nigerians To Rise Against Bad Leaders

Human rights activists have described Nigeria’s 61st Independence Day celebration at Eagle Square, Abuja as unnecessary and a show of shame. 


According to them, there was nothing to celebrate with the daunting security challenges in the country.

Muhammadu Buhari

They also called on Nigerians to take their destiny into their hands and rise against the antics of oppressors who have mortgaged their future for decades.


The activists disclosed this at the weekend in Abuja during a public discussion titled “Political and Economic Crisis In Nigeria, The Way Forward,” which was organised by the Socialists, Youths, Trade Unions, and Human Rights Crusaders. 


Speaking at the event, the Publicity Secretary, Movement for the Socialist Alternative (MSA), Oladimeji Macaulay said the Independence Day celebration at the Eagle Square was ridiculous and absurd. 


He added that Nigeria has nothing to celebrate since the country is being held down by corrupt leaders after 61 years of independence.


One of the panelists, Babatunde Oluajo, in his presentation noted that Nigeria would not in any way get better until Nigerians come together and mobilise to fight for socialism.



He added that with the current economic situation and growing menace of insecurity, Nigerians need to rise and fight to end insecurity and economic repression.


He said, “It is either we fight for socialism or we continue in barbarism.  We need democratically elected leaders to control the economy and manage it to meet the demands of everyone as against the greed of the few in the corridors of power.” 


On his part, Jaiye Gaskia called on Nigerians to be ready as revolutionaries to take power from corrupt politicians through active participation in elections. 


He also urged Nigerians to build an alternative political order capable of rescuing the country from total collapse.


He said, “Only a society that is  democratically run is capable of ending starvation, hunger, and suffering.”


Also speaking at the event, Ms. Mma Odi charged Nigerians to rise and fight for gender equality in workplaces and end attacks on women.


She expressed concern about how less than one percent of the population had continued to control the wealth of the entire country, thereby leaving millions of Nigerians in abject poverty.


She said, “It’s time to build a solidarity movement to struggle for political power because without political power the present political and economic crisis will remain unresolved.”

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