Nigeria Has Thousands Of Sick Leaders In Need Of Treatment — Cleric

A Catholic Priest, Rev Fr George Ehusani, has said Nigerian leaders have continued to push the narrative that the citizens hate one another so that they won’t be united against them. 

The cleric, who is the founder of Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, a training outfit for future church leaders, spoke in a viral message to members of his congregation. 

According to him, the rogue leaders have made Nigerians believe they hate one another when there is actually no hate. 

He stated that the problem with Nigeria is failed leadership, stressing that the consequences of failed leadership brought about the killings, kidnappings and banditry.

“I really don’t think we hate one another, let’s not allow our leaders to make us believe we hate one another. We really don’t hate one another, we have a lot of sociopaths, people who have run mad for whatever reason, killing people all over the place but near them will be some Igbo, Yoruba persons relating perfectly like brothers and sisters. 

“Let’s not keep singing that song that we hate one another, we really don’t hate one another. It is our leaders that have done this to us, it’s successive rogue leaders have done this to us and rather than the people recognizing who their enemies are, we turn to one another, we really don’t hate one another.

“We have children who have been deprived, children who grew up on the streets and have no morals, children who have never seen the love of a father or the love of a mother, children who have no sense of a country because the country has not been of any use to them. Children who have no business identifying as Nigerians, it doesn’t matter to them whether they are Nigerians or Ghanaians or Nigeriens or Chadians because the government has done nothing for them.

“They have no sense of patriotism, now when they begin to kill and destroy, we turn it around that we hate one another, we don’t. Even as people are dying, people are still supporting and helping one another every day, so let’s not buy that lie that our leaders are telling us. It is leadership that has failed.

“That we don’t have mutual interest for one another, leadership has failed. People are living jungle lives. In the jungle, what do you get? Cheating and killing and all sorts. The system is so corrupt that you can hardly get anything through the right door. Someone is driving a car and the police stop you with a gun and the person gives him N500 so he can pass, is that really corruption or extortion, we really need to consider this. At the end of the day, we see people being wasted for not agreeing to give, all that #EndSARS protest was about that. 

“Our leaders have put us in this. What is the difference between Nigerians and Ghanaians if not leadership? What’s the difference if not leadership, we have had leadership failure and the consequences of this leadership failure are enormous and we Nigerians must understand this so that we can take this seriously. 

“Leadership is a great responsibility and we shouldn’t allow charlatans hold leadership, we shouldn’t allow people who have no business with leadership position there but here and there, we have various posts in this country occupied by people who have no business being in a leadership position and they are destroying us and they are knocking our heads together and we are agreeing that we hate each other. I don’t hate any Nigerian, I don’t hate anybody

“The people who are carrying out killings, how well are they? Have they been brought up properly How many of them have the kind of mother that brought you up or the kind of father? A lot of the proverbs I say in this church, I heard from my father and that tells you the amount of time I spent with my father, how many of those people had one hour in a year sitting down with their father and discussing life?

“What we have are sociopaths, crazy people, mad people that kidnap and kill people. They are not people whose senses are correct. When you see a mad man throwing stones at people, you don’t say he hates, rather, you say he is sick. We have millions of sick people who need treatment, including thousands of so-called leaders who are sick and they need treatment. I hope you know that if a lot of the people leading us at the local government level to the federal government go through a psychological test, many of them will fail. 

“Many are not well, even the primitive accusation, the monumental corruption, do you think people who are well can be gathering what their grandchildren cannot consume? People, who are well will take the little resources in Nigeria to go and build houses in Dubai? Do you think that people who are well will carry the little resources of Nigerians to UK, US, Dubai to buy properties and come back here to harvest the money, do you think people who are well will do that? So, please change your vocabulary, find something else to say.”

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