Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Suspends Electricity Tariff Hike

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has finally issued an order suspending the September 1, 2020 hike in electricity tariff for two weeks.

The commission’s suspension order of the Multi Year Tariff Order 2020 signed by NERC’s Chairman, Prof James Momoh, was released on its website on Wednesday.

The suspension is in line with the agreement reached with the organised labour on the suspension of strike over the hike in electricity tariff and increase in pump price of petrol on Sunday night.

The order by NERC said that from Sept 28 to Oct 11, the DisCos must revert all charges to the tariff existing as of Aug 31.

The suspension of the hike in tariff for 14 days in the first instance is to enable wider consultations between the government and labour with a view to reaching a compromise and resolution of the contending issues involved.

“This means that for the next two weeks, electricity consumers having power above 12 hours who were affected by the over 100 per cent tariff hike would revert to their old charges,” the order reads.

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