Nigerian Man Detained By Italian Police For Beating Wife Throws Baby From Storey Building

The Italian police have arrested a 24-year-old Nigerian man who allegedly beat his wife and dropped their one-year-old baby boy from the upper floor.

According to a report by Ansa News, a police officer dived and caught the child before he hit the floor in a Florence condo on Sunday night.

The man (who was not named) was charged with domestic abuse against his Nigerian wife.

The police said the woman had suffered in silence for years even though her husband had threatened her with a knife to the throat.

The woman and her two children, aged one and three, have been admitted for shock to a Florentine hospital but are otherwise unhurt.

In March 2021, a Nigerian man was arrested in Mantua, a city in the Italian region of Lombardy, on the allegation that he brutally beat his wife, in front of their son.

The woman, a Nigerian, was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries including a knife wound to her arms.

The couple’s apartment was found with traces of blood everywhere including a pool on the floor.

He was reportedly being scheduled for deportation.

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