Nigerian Worshipper Of Satan, Simon Odo Buried In Car With His Favourite Song Playing

A Nigerian man, Simon Odo, popularly known as “King of Satan” has been buried in a car in his village in south-eastern Enugu State following his death at the age of 74, BBC News reports. 

The car engine was on and Simon Odo’s favourite song was played in the vehicle, which served as his coffin, according to those present.

It was the first time such a funeral had taken place in Aji village, locals said.

Mr Odo requested to be buried in this way, his son Uchenna Odo said.

The burial in an idling vehicle signified his smooth transit into his next world, some of his children said. 

Odo had married 57 wives. 

A few of his relatives, who BBC Igbo met during a visit to Aji village on Wednesday morning, said Mr Odo was a good man who shunned evil in his dealings with people.

Mr Odo died in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

During an interview with BBC Igbo in 2020, Mr Odo said he had inherited the practice of worshiping Satan from his parents and grandparents, who were Satanists, but he insisted that he did not help others to harm fellow human beings.

He said he had 57 wives and had lost count of the number of children and grandchildren he had.

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