Premium Times, VOTAC Agree Strategic Alliance To Aid Innovation, Foreign Direct Investment And Economic Mobility In Africa

Premium Times and Voices of the African Continent have announced their strategic alliance for news coverage of African Capital Markets. 

With 29 stock exchanges representing 54 countries (markets), a $2.5trn of nominal GDP (2019 estimates), economic growth stabilised at 3.4 per cent in 2019 and expected to hit 3.9 per cent in 2020 and 4.1 per cent in 2021 (AfDB, 2020). 

“It is no longer what Africa is today but what it is becoming. By providing a global media platform, Premium Times and VOTAC will offer subject matter experts, industry and market analysts, commentators, investigative and financial news journalists with in-depth knowledge of Africa, guided by professional disciples.” 

Premium Times is an investigative journalism powerhouse, as evidenced by its coverage of Nigeria, Africa’s largest GDP, and numerous international awards. Premium Times’ website receives over 5 million unique visitors every month; and is often cited by news outlets on its reporting of events in Nigeria and Africa. 

VOTAC is an Integrated Digital Media company, with offerings in content, exchange, and experience. 

VOTAC will produce, in collaboration with Premium Times; ACM TODAY (African Capital Market), a financial news program livestreamed from studios in San Francisco and Abuja. ACM TODAY will also be carried on U.S. cable networks reaching 33 million television households; and will be available on local television channels in these U.S. media markets: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.). 
ACM TODAY is designed to aid innovation, increase foreign direct investment, and economic mobility on the continent. The program will ensure transparency in market activities and data and ensure the broadcast standards that consumers of financial news are accustomed to are maintained.
For more than a century, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa was almost exclusively focused on the extraction and export of natural resources. But since the turn of the millennium, the momentum has shifted. In the past few years, the trend has finally flipped. Global investors now come to Africa for the promise of its people than for its physical properties. Petroleum and mining now count for a minority of long-term capital inflows, with more investors focused on technology, telecommunications, retailing and services. The extractive industries have accounted for more than half of FDI just once in the past seven years. Africa’s labour force is projected to be nearly 40 percent larger by 2030. Africa’s infrastructure financing needs are estimated to be $130–$170bn a year (EY, 2020). 

“We are proud of our partnership with VOTAC. The African diaspora is going to play a critical role in Africa’s civil and economic transformation. Already, Nigeria’s diaspora remittances are the nation’s second largest source of foreign exchange. In addition to their resources, the diaspora brings their energy, experience, and networks, which combined with the local know how of domestic institutions is certain to create value on the continent. We already see these positive synergies in our partnership with VOTAC and its proprietor, Abraham Tuyo.” – Dapo Olorunyomi, Publisher, Premium Times

“In Premium Times we have a partner with deep roots and history in investigative journalistic excellence. We believe Africa and Africans need to take charge of news reporting economic activities on the continent; Global readership of Premium Times is proof that Africa and Africans produce news stories on par with the rest of the world. – Abraham O. Tuyo, Founder and Interim CEO, VOTAC.

About Premium Times Nigeria

Premium Times publication portfolio includes Premium Times (Nigeria and Ghana), Dubawa (Nigeria and Ghana) Campus Reporter, Leaks NG, and PT Data. 

Premium Times is followed by 1.3 million subscribers on Facebook, 1.3 million on Twitter, and over 300,000 on Instagram. receives over 5 million unique views monthly; significant site traffic is registered United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Nigeria. Premium Times ranks in the top 2 newspapers read outside of Africa: a primary source of current affairs and news for foreign missions and high commissions around the globe. Premium Times team of investigative journalists have won several national and international awards including the Pulitzer and the Global Shining Light Awards. 

Mr Dapo Olorunyomi, Publisher, was the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Committee to Protect Journalists award. 

Premium Times is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. 

About VOTAC (Voices of the African Continent)

VOTAC is an Integrated Digital Media company, with offerings in Content, Experience and Exchange. 

VOTAC Content is ACM TODAY & ACM DATA (African Capital Markets News Broadcast and Business Intelligence Data Services), Bintu & Friends™ (Children’s Animation Series), Newscast54™, Daylight Africa Weekday and Weekend (a News Magazine Program), Let’s Get Specific (a weekly current affairs program), and Films and Documentaries. VOTAC Content delivery is via livestreaming to mobile apps, and to U.S. cable network systems; available in over 33 million television households, and local television in these U.S. media markets: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston,  Philadelphia, Los Angles, New York (includes New Jersey and Connecticut). VOTAC Experience is technology and human capital enabling development and promotion of travel and tourism to and within Africa. VOTAC Exchange is technology and tools designed to enable talent and tangible commerce within and outside the continent. 

VOTAC is headquartered in California (San Francisco), United States  

For additional information: 

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Contact: VOTAC (Voices of the African Continent)  
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