President Trump Not On Oxygen ‘Right Now’, Personal Physician Says

Col. Sean N Conley, personal physician of Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, has said that he is in good spirits and not needing oxygen today.

Trump was hospitalised at the Walter Reed Miltary Medical Center in Wahington DC on Friday shortly after he announced on Twitter that he had tested positive for Coronavirus.

Conley said that Trump was not having difficulty breathing or walking around.

He said, “We are monitoring him very closely for any evidence of complications from either the Coronavirus illness or the therapies that we are prescribing to make him better.

“He is in exceptionally good spirits.

“This morning the President is doing very well. As reported yesterday, consultation with this group, I recommended we bring the President up to Walter Reed as a precautionary measure to provide state-of-the-art monitoring and any care that he may need.”

It is unclear when the US President will be discharged from the hospital.

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