REVEALED: Ogun, Cross River, Others Who Performed Woefully In Capital Expenditure Projects For 2019— BudgIT

A Nigerian civic tech organisation, BudgIT Nigeria has just released the performance data of states in capital expenditure for the year 2019.

In the information it released on its Twitter page on Thursday, Kaduna, Yobe, Rivers, Lagos and Jigawa states are the top five that met up to their actual capital expenditure.

Nasir El-Rufai-led Kaduna government delivered N148,572,055,000 out of the budgeted N152,335,918,000, Yobe had N30,096,315,974.06 actual expenditure met from the N39,493,630,000 earmarked, Rivers also offered N224,745,802,764.41 capital expenditure from its allocated N301,532,687,404.

The actual capital expenditure for Lagos was N241,057,123,000 out of the allotted N345,303,977,000 and Jigawa had an actual capital expenditure of N61,867,637,413.05 out of the proposed N90,997,500,000.

Accordingly, in their capital expenditure performance percentages, Kaduna had 97.53%, Yobe got 76.21%, Rivers acquired 74.53%, Lagos secured 69.81% and Jigawa took 67.99%.

Also, BudgIT disclosed the lowest five states that performed below expectations in the actual capital expenditures.

Those at the base were Taraba, Ogun, Imo, Benue and Cross River states which had 17.18%, 15.39%, 13.97, 5.73% and 2.78% respectively in their capital expenditure performance percentages.

While making a reference to support the data, the BudgIT says, “From our analysis, only 11 states fulfilled 50% and above of their budget for capital expenditure. 13 states fulfilled between 30% to 49%, while 12 states fulfilled less than 30%. Checked your state government’s performance yet?

“The biggest spenders on capital expenditure – Kaduna, Yobe, Rivers and Lagos – deserve the plaudits. Meanwhile, Cross River and Ogun need to explain their woeful performance.”

The analysis further revealed the poor performances of the states that performed woefully as their actual capital expenses were far behind what they earmarked.

Taraba allocated N74,578,533,883.10 but ended up having N12,809,128,930.72 as actual capital expenditure, Ogun with the budgeted N231,507,328,788,00 but finished up with N34,418,281,381.48 as actual capital expenditure, Imo allotted N205,157,546,638.25 but offered N28,669,017,426.02 as actual capital expenditure.

Others were Benue which projected N81,970,813,070.00 but provided N4,697,048,497.99 as actual capital expenditure, while Cross River that earmarked N1,044,214,334,043.93 deleivered N29,012,048,570.94 as actual capital expenditure.

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