Utomi, Na’aba Launch Movement, Vow To Rescue Nigeria From Collapse

A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Umar Na’Abba, and Prof Pat Utomi have called on Nigerians to take the bull by the horn and rescue the country from imminent and total collapse.

They disclosed this in Abuja at a webinar organised to launch National Consultative Front ( NCFront ) on Monday.

The group said it would roll out its plan for a new Nigeria by January 2021.

Na’ Abba, who spoke at the event, said the group had engaged in nationwide consultations and mobilisation to take the country back and hand it over to a new generation of selfless, disciplined and competent political leaders.

The former speaker said the move would promote and nurture a genuinely democratic political system and people-oriented government that would provide equitable, just and inclusive governance for the wellbeing of all Nigerians.

He added that they would join forces with other like minded people of conscience in facilitating all-inclusive governance in Nigeria. 

He said, “Hardly can any sector of the country be said to be working. The government seems ineffectual, irresponsive and incompetent. Unemployment, particularly among our youths, has reached and passed unprecedented levels while the unnecessary loss of human lives due to insecurity has become a recurring decimal. Scores of Nigerians are being killed daily. 

“Our indebtedness, both internal and external, has reached alarming proportions with the virtual attendant collapse of social and physical infrastructure leading to pervasive and grinding poverty. The way and manner that governance is conducted suggest a high degree of irresponsibility at all levels.”

He said their platform would facilitate a new constitution through a referendum that would work for the benefit of the country and Nigerians. 

He added, “The general feeling across the land today is that of delusion, hopelessness and helplessness.

“The agony and anguish of Nigerians about the deplorable state of our nation are palpable and worrisome. The feeling is that the days ahead as a country are numbered.”

 In his comments, Utomi said Nigerians are facing existential problems as corruption pervades all government agencies while insecurity issues worsen.

He said, “Ordinarily, in a democracy, when things are going wrong, you wait for the next elections to vote out those that are not performing. 

“But the absence of internal democracy in our leading political parties and the phenomenon of state capture suggests that the hope of a change by the ballot box in prevailing political culture would be futile.”

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