Wake Up And Lead The Masses, Group Tells Nigerian Labour Congress

A group, Nigerians Against Bad Policies, has called on the Nigeria Labour Congress to wake up and lead citizens to protest the increase in petrol pump price and electricity tariff by the Nigerian Government. 

The group described the increase as “anti-poor policies” created by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to “oppress, impoverish us and make sure that Nigerians are incapacitated and rendered unproductive”.

In a statement by Kachi Gerald and Adejobi Peter, the group said the increment was happening at a critical time Nigerians were still grappling with the effect of COVID-19. 

The statement reads, “We demand an immediate reversal of the hiked electricity tariff and the increased price of petrol. The corrupt contraption of privatisation of the power sector and oil sector, together with corrupt management of institutions, is responsible for the ruinous state that both the power sector and oil sector are.

“We call on the leadership of the labour movement to wake from their unjustifiable docility and lead the working masses against these attacks. The docility of the leadership of Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress at this critical time is a betrayal of the working people of Nigeria. We equally call on Nigerians to rise and resist these unjust anti-poor policies.”

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