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WesternExploit Income Program - revenue share
WesternExploit Income Program – Revenue Share

As a transparent platform that has been built on trust, integrity, and fast payments, we came up with a standard solution to fix and eradicate non-payments of activity earners.


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What Is WAP TO NAIRA Conversion Rate

The NAIRA Conversion Rate is simply the rate by which your WesternExploit Activity Point (WAP) is converted to real cash in NAIRA & sent to your BANK Account at the Specified Withdrawal Date.

The rate is change Monthly based on the Ad Revenue we are able to gather during the Month. This means for instance, the WAP >>> NAIRA is now subjected by the actual amount received by various Ad Revenue we colate Monthly. This is then decided to use in paying your WAP Earnings to your Preferred Payment Method.

WesternExploit Ad Revenue Share buys your ACTIVITY EARNINGS Monthly In WAP(₱) currency which is only used in WesternExploit Income Program Ecosystem. WesternExploit would buy your ACTIVITY EARNINGS Monthly and sell to you in NAIRA which is Paid to your Preferred Payment Method.


The WAP Currency Is denoted as “₱”

The WAP which is you see on WesternExploit is denoted as “₱” symbol which would henceforth be the official currency for the WAP EARNINGS. This means the currency is converted based on the Advert Revenue we generate for the Month in question.

WAP >>> NAIRA Conversion Rate

WAP (₱) >>>  NAIRA(₦)


How Is The WAP Balanced Monthly?

The WesternExploit Advert Revenue Share is based by the amount of Revenue we get monthly from Sponsored /Campaign Adverts. The amount solely depends on the Adverts Revenue which is then applied in the exchange for WAP >>> NAIRA Conversion for WesternExploit Income Program. The WAP exchange rate changes every month and the value increases depending on the strength of our acquired Revenue.

So, WesternExploit makes money through Advertising which is shared amongst eligible Members Monthly using the following legitimate source-

Top Advertising Agencies Approved on this Platform – 70%

Direct Advertising Brands through our Sponsored/Campaign Post – 20%

Affiliates Commissions – 10% (As a platform that gives back to the hard working members)


Where Can WAP EARNINGS Be Utilize?

Below are the specified places and channels you can spend your Converted Earnings-

  1. You can Cash-Out your WesternExploit Activity Point >>> NAIRA Conversion to your BANK Weekly/Monthly(Depending on the Payment Stream open at the withdrawal date.)
  2. You can BUY Airtime with your WesternExploit Activity Point >>> NAIRA Conversion to your Mobile Phone such as MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, 9MOBILE. Simply click on Buy Airtime Page on your Account Dashboard.
  3. You can Buy WesternExploit Income Program Coupon Code of ₦1,500 with your WesternExploit Activity Point >>> You can request the Coupon Vendors to assist you with this feature.


How Does The WAP To NAIRA Conversion Works?

Your WAP EARNINGS is based by the Advert Revenue we generate for each Month and is then Managed, Shared, adjusted and calculated into NAIRA EQUIVALENT for easy Withdrawal.

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WAP Advert Revenue Share To NAIRA Conversion For The Month Of August(COMING SOON) !!!

This Month’s exchange rate based on Advert Revenue for August is updated below(Rate changes monthly because revenue varies)

Conversion for WITHDRAWAL in your preferred Payment System –  20000 WAP is converted to a ₦2,000 CASH PAYMENT.

Conversion for WALLET ACCOUNT FOR AIRTIME– 10,000 WAP is converted to  ₦1,500 AIRTIME RECHARGE.

Conversion for COUPON CODE – 15000 WAP is converted to  ₦1,500 COUPON CODE FOR REGISTRATION.

Next WAP Conversion would be determined on the Advert Revenue Payout for that particular Month.


WesternExploit Income Program - Dos and donts


1. Avoid making useless and unnecessary copy and paste comments such as “okay“, “nice one“, “ok“, “hi” OR  copying exactly a line or two from a paragraph in  a passage without editing, before pasting it in our comment section. It would never generate enough revenue for us to pay you.

2. Stop using AD-BLOCKER to restrict our ads. The moment you do, you deprive us of getting enough revenue to pay you.

3. Avoid rushing to make comments on Any Post. Always make sure you read a post well before making comments. When you rush to read and earn and quickly leave the site, you deprive us.
By so doing, our earnings isn’t enough. When you engage the platform wholeheartedly daily, then we are able to generate enough revenue to pay for the WAP Earnings.

4. Always make sure you SHARE BOTH CAMPAIGN & SPONSOR POST DAILY and read it well before making a comment on them. When you take a swipe quickly on the page, it creates a high bounce rate on our Ad Revenues platform, thereby, not generating the required earnings for that TRAFFIC.


So, In conclusion –

Every platform has its ups & down. No successful platform just hit the jackpot and start from the top, they’re bound to crumble, fail and then meant to stand out stronger. But you see, WESTERNEXPLOIT is solidly built and has stood with her heart of transparency and honesty.

The truth of the matter is that we are growing and we need each and every member to engage the platform very well so to earn more revenue as this would increase our earnings and you will earn properly by doing so. So try NOT to spam our posts with unnecessary comments.

Our Earning Disclaimer shed more light on this.

The WAP to NAIRA Exchange may not be permanent. Because as time goes on, we are trying and working endlessly to make more streams and module for qualifying participants to get paid.

It’s guaranteed you’ll CashOut. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PROVEN STRATEGY that makes huge sense.

Advertise and REFER others to join and earn through you with your WAF & WAP PAYMENT ALERTS!!!

WesternExploit Income Program is a long-term project as we are here to stay and serve the masses.